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Physical Therapy

We are dedicated towards providing a unique practice where patients who are committed to restoring optimal health and function can receive the highest level of care from practitioners who continually strive to achieve an exceptional level of skill in their field.

To achieve these results, we utilize an integrative approach that incorporates a thorough examination to identify postural, soft tissue and joint dysfunction, flexibility and strength deficits that contribute to improper body mechanics. We then use advanced manual therapy techniques, core stabilization, and targeted muscle strengthening to correct these underlying dysfunctions. We incorporate techniques like KinesioTaping and Pilates exercise, while providing patient education and specific home exercise programs to facilitate rapid recovery, reduce chance of re-injury, and optimize patient function.

What is manual therapy? Based on the philosophy and principles of Osteopathic Manual Medicine, manual therapy is a distinct art supported by scientific knowledge. Its philosophy embraces the concept that structure influences function. This system of manual diagnostic and treatment techniques includes soft tissue massage, myofascial release, joint mobilization/manipulation, and is used to relieve pain and restore normal musculoskeletal function, thereby enhancing the body’s capacity to heal. Our highly specialized level of treatment is at its best in finding and correcting the source of chronic conditions, rather than repeatedly treating the symptoms without correcting the underlying musculoskeletal dysfunctions.